Citabria 7KCAB

What is a Citabria?
Why should I fly a Citabria?
Where can I fly a Citabria?
Citabria 7KCAB Preflight Inspection
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What is a Citabria?

The Citabria 7KCAB is a 2 place, steel tube, fabric covered airplane. It is powered by a 150 HP Lycoming AEIO-320 with inverted fuel and oil systems. This airplane is certified in both normal and aerobatic catagories. There are also lower powered and non-aerobatic versions.

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Why should I fly a Citabria?

1) It's fun to fly!
2) Learn to fly a tailwheel airplane - get your tailwheel endorsement.
3) Spin and upset training.
4) Basic Aerobatics.

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Where can I fly a Citabria?

N53959 is a 7KCAB (Aerobatic with inverted fuel and oil systems). It is available to fly at Aspen Flying Club at Centennial Airport. Call them at (303)799-6794 to make arrangements to fly it.

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Citabria 7KCAB Preflight Inspection


This is a fabric covered airplane. The airplane's covering can be damaged by sharp objects you are carrying. Be particularly careful with pens and pencils in you pockets, belt buckles, and kneeboards. Do not set these or any other items on the exterior surfaces of the airplane.

While walking around the airplane walk slowly and deliberately so that do not collide with parts of the airplane that may injure you. Be particularly careful near the aileron spades. It is best to walk around the wing, rather than under it, except when necessary to perform a step requiring you to be under the wing.




Cabin Door -- CHECK condition, security.


Flight Controls -- CHECK freedom of movement.


Magneto and Electrical Switches -- OFF

Fuel Gauge

Fuel Quantity Gauge -- CHECK quantity

Fuel Shut-off Valve

Fuel Shut-off Valve -- ON.

Seat Belts

Seat Belts -- CHECK CONDITION - SECURE rear belt and harness if not in use.

Emergency Locator Transmitter -- ARMED.



Wing Root

Wing Root Fairing -- CHECK secure.


Aileron - CHECK freedom of movement and security.

Caution: The aileron spade protrudes downward from the aileron at head level.

Aileron Spade - REMOVE warning streamer.

Wing Tip

Wing Tip and Light -- CHECK condition.

Wing and Strut

Wing and Struts -- CHECK condition, security.

Wing Tie-Down - DISCONNECT.


Pitot-Static Tube -- CHECK unobstructed (visual check only), Remove cover (if installed)


Fuel Quantity - CHECK VISUALLY for desired level.

Fuel Filler Cap - SECURE.




Chocks -- REMOVE.

Tire - CHECK condition, inflation.

Brakes -- CHECK condition, leakage.




Windshield -- CHECK condition, cleanliness.


Engine Oil - CHECK quantity, dip stick secure.

Engine Compartment -- CHECK condition, leakage, etc.


Engine Cowling and Inspection Door -- CHECK condition, security.


Fuel -- DRAIN gascolator, CHECK leakage.


Propeller and Spinner - CHECK for condition and security.

Air Filter - CHECK condition.

Landing Light(s) - CHECK for condition and cleanliness.



Same as right main gear.



Same as right wing, in addition:

Fuel Vent

Fuel Vent -- CHECK unobstructed.


FUSELAGE (Left Side)


Fabric -- CHECK condition, oil, battery acid leakage, etc.

Windows -- CHECK condition, cleanliness.

Belly Drain

Fuel Belly Drain -- DRAIN, CHECK leakage.

Belly Drain

Radio Antenna(s) -- CHECK secure.



Horizontal Stabilizer

Horizontal Stabilizer and Brace Wires -- CHECK condition, security.

Vertical Stabilizer and Tail Light -- CHECK condition.

Elevator and Rudder

Elevator, Trim Tab and Rudder -- CHECK condition, freedom of movement, security.

Tail Wheel

Tail Wheel -- CHECK condition, inflation, security.

Tie-Down -- REMOVE.


FUSELAGE (Right Side)

Same as fuselage left side (no fuel drain on right side).

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More Information about Citabrias Bellanca-Champion Club

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