Instrument Rating FAQs

Q:   There are "10 Day" Instrument Rating courses advertised in the
     aviation magazines.  Do they really work?

A:   The answer is a qualified yes.  Consider: 1) you may need to
     have completed your written test and have completed work on basic
     attitude instrument flying prior to beginining. 2) does the school
     have a track record of actually graduating student in the 10 days?
     3) a total commitment is required during the 10 days, you will not
     be able to do anything else except rest!

Q:   I do not have the required 50 hours of pilot-in-command cross
     country time required. Can I still start instrument training?

A:   Your instrument training can be structured to include some of
     the required 50 hours of PIC XC time.

Q:   My instructor wants me to fly a significant amount of simulator
     time for my instrument rating.  Isn't it better to fly of my
     training in an airplane?

A:   Some training is better conducted in a simulator/training device.
     For example, it is difficult to simulate instrument failures,
     in flight, in such a way that you learn to recognize the early 

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