Instrument Rating Syllabus    
  "*" Denotes possible simulator session  
Stage I Preflight procedures and full panel.  
FL1 Full panel and IFR systems.  
FL2 Review full panel.  
FL3 Introduction to partial panel.  
FL4 Systems and equipment failures.  
FL5 Full and partial panel.  
FL6 Review.  
FL7 VOR Orientation.  
FL8* VOR Navigation.  
FL9 *NDB Orientation.  
FL10 Localizer tracking.  
FL11 VOR/NDB Tracking.  
FL12 Stage check. (1.5)  
Stage II *VOR/NDB Holding. (standard)  
FL14 VOR/NDB Holding. (non-standard)  
FL15 Localizer/intersection holding.  
FL16 VOR Approaches.  
FL17 *VOR and NDB Approaches.  
FL18 *VOR and NDB Approaches.  
FL19 *ILS Approaches.  
FL20 Partial panel approaches.  
FL21 Review holding and approaches.  
FL22 Stage check. (1.5)  
Stage III *IFR Cross-Country procedures.  
FL24 IFR Cross-Country. (2.0)  
FL25 Long IFR Cross-Country. (3.0)  
FL26 IFR Cross-Country review. (2.0)  
FL27 Stage check. (1.5)  
FL28 End of course check. (1.5)  

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