Materials you will need

Note: Please discuss this with your Flight Instructor prior to purchasing
anything.  If you are going to attend a formal Ground School, also check
their requirements. 

Vendors on the Web

Private Pilot Manual  (Jeppesen JS314500)
Private Pilot Maneuver Manual   (Jeppesen JS314510)

You need to get these items soon:
- Logbook
- FAR/AIM (A commercial reprint of the Aeronautical Information manual
   and Federal Aviation Regulations)
- Denver Sectional Chart
- Denver Terminal Chart
- Plotter for Sectional Chart
- Cessna 172 Owner's Manual (for N or P model)

- Some sort of bag to keep all of this stuff!

You need to get these items before you solo:
- Headset
- Student Pilot's license and 3rd class Medical. (This is one document
   and should be done reasonably soon)
- Fuel sample cup

You will need these items before you begin Cross Country prep:
- E6B Flight Computer
- Airport/Facilities Directory for this area

- Private Pilot FAA Written Exam
  (Gleim guide to study for the written exam.)
- Private Pilot Practical Test Standards (PTS) (you can get a commercial
   reprint or download from the FAA's website)
- Private Oral Exam Guide
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