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Learning to Fly -- for Students and prospective students
Frequently Asked Questions
Tip of the Week
Training Material for students
Supplies you will need
Cessna 172 N/P Preflight Inspection
Cessna 172 Traffic Pattern Guide
Cessna 172 Manuevers Guide
Radio Procedures for Centennial Airport (APA)
Instrument Flight -- for Instrument Rated Pilots and Instrument Students
Frequently Asked Questions
Tip of the Week
IFR Training Material
Primary and Supporting Instruments
Jeppesen Instrument Sylabus Outline
Pattern A
Pattern B
Planning your Training IFR XC
Some study questions for the Instrument Oral
Specialized Training and Flight
7KCAB Citabria
Citabria Preflight Inspection
Commercial/Insturment finish-up
Aviation Reading List
Photo Album
Saratoga WY
From the Air Force Museum
Oshkosh 2000
Reno 2000
Links to other sites
Learning to Fly
See How It Flys
Flying Regulations (circa 1920)
AOPA Online - Learn to Fly
Learn to Fly - Cessna
Learn to Fly Articles
Aviation Communication
Whitts Flying
Instrument Flight
Wally's TERPS Page
Basic Instrument Flying
Cat and Duck Method
Aspen Flying Club
Aviation in Colorado
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Gleim Publications
Civil Air Patrol
Air Traffic Control
Mountain Flying
Federal Aviation Administration
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